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A Guide To Our Testosterone boosters

We have all seen those guys jacked in th gym, Getting the most every pump and wondered how this works, First we must understand testerone,

This hormone regulates basically everything in the body ranging from fertility, to lean muscle mass, to the distribution of fat and finally the production of the red blood cells in the blood. A reduced level of testosterone results in infertility or what is medically termed to as hypogonadism.

Among the best testosterone supplements in the market is Prime Test by Prime Labs. With Over 5,000 reviews tons of comments etc. We are not trying to boast, We just want to explain the facts and who this product is for. 

The sole purpose of Prime Test is to help the man increase his testosterone levels while burning fat. Testosterone levels in a man being dwindling as the man hits the age of 30. The production is lowered and, as a result, several features dwindle such as performance in bed, libido and stamina. There are several types of issues that are generally associated with reduced testosterone levels in a man. Reduced sex drive is one of them. A generally low sperm count is another main result of reduced testosterone levels in a man. Erectile dysfunction is another regular occurrence that comes with reduced testosterone levels. Lastly, a swollen or slightly enlarged breast tissue is another main result of reduced testosterone levels. These are issues that might badly affect the average man.

Additionally, the supplement was engineered for the gym going man. It is possible to hit the gym day in day out and not get the results that you desire in a long while. As much as you put in all your energy into working out, the coveted body seems quite elusive. It is for this reason as well that Prime Test was engineered. It was discovered that this blend increases testosterone is in charge of lean muscle gain and fat distribution. Heightened levels of testosterone in the body can increase the muscle gains in the gym and they will generally distribute the fat where you want it deposited. This will give you that much-coveted body.

Prime test acts to generally increase your blood flow just like any other ordinary anabolism enhancer. It also aids in burning excessive fat and to restore the lost energy. It boosts your energy so that you can perform your daily tasks much easier.The combined effect of all this is that it gives you a boost in your confidence levels. This boost will generally increase your performance at work, in the gym and even in the bedroom. The best way to recapture youthful exuberance an energy is by increasing your testosterone levels and Prime Test is supposed to help you attain just that.

Prime Test  is designed for the man who want better performance in the bedroom. Chances are that your inability to perform is bleeding out on other areas of your life and most importantly your relationship with your partner. Prime Test should boost your libido by increasing your testosterone levels. An increase in the levels of the hormone in charge of sexual arousal and performance will enhance your performance.

Prime Test  is also designed for those who has been putting in so much time at the gym but is finding the desired results hard to come by. The testosterone boost that is gained results in increased gains in lean muscle. It also redistributes fats evenly making sure that they are deposited in all the right areas.

Additionally, Prime Test by Prime Labs is for a man who is trying to shed some extra pounds that might have accumulated on his waistline. The supplement is an anabolic enhancer that burns away that stubborn belly fat that has remained despite you spending months in the gym.
To Break That Down Your over 30 and your libido suffers due to the work exhaustion you normally do. Or Your over 20 and you have hit a wall or the plateau in working out and can't seem to get rid of those pounds around the waistline. 
Testo Xplode 
Is a different blend that strictly focuses on the boost of testerone and helps with focus, clarity while a more driven workout. It uses magnesium to create that effect. 

Magnesium is a great mineral by how it interacts with a protein in your body known as Sex Hormone Binding Globulin

This is a protein that binds to free circulating testosterone in your blood and strips it of any anabolic potency.

Zinc is used for numerous processes in your body, but it’s how it works in the brain where it really makes the difference.

Once absorbed into your brain, Zinc is used for numerous chemical reactions which helps to create the Luteinizing Hormone 

This is your body’s precursor to both growth hormone and testosterone. The more of this you have in your system, the more support you’ll have overall.

Saw Palmetto works by stopping the breakdown of testosterone into its byproduct, dihydro-testosterone. This byproduct helps the body hold on to more of its testosterone and create less dihydro-testosterone, which can slow or stop the growth of the prostate gland.

Hawthorne Berries  treat heartbeats that were irregular, high blood pressure, chest pain, heart failure, and hardening of the arteries. Making it a very effective cardiovascular tool to increase blood flow in a healthy manner to get more increase in the pump. 

With Testo Xplode there is no fat burners, Its for those that are looking to get bigger faster or get a workout all around. Running, Jogging, Weight Training and a cardio version of The Prime Test.