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Fuel your ambition.
Your prime is now. image

Fuel your ambition. Your prime is now.

To the defiant ones, the unwavering, those who invariably push forward. Live in your prime.

Prime Test

The OG That Started It All

The perfect pairing to a workout or a night out. Formulated with herbal and natural ingredients like Horny Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali Extract and Saw Palmetto Extract, Prime Test has won legions of fans with over 1 million bottles sold.
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Enhance Your Stack With Our Quality Ingredients

Carefully formulated to fuel your ambition

We gather potent ingredients in scientifically-backed formulas to provide you with the strength, recovery, and overall wellness you deserve. Whether you are a newbie or the envy of your gym, our supplements are ready to support your push forward. Your prime is now. Go live it.
Horny Goat Weed image

Horny Goat Weed

Saw Palmetto Extract image

Saw Palmetto Extract

Tongkat Ali Extract image

Tongkat Ali Extract

Sarsaparilla image


Nettle image


Tribulus Terrestris image

Tribulus Terrestris

L-Arginine image


L-Citrulline image


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Become The Optimal You With Prime Labs image

Become The Optimal You With Prime Labs

We take self-improvement seriously. As a leading creator of men’s wellness products, we strive to give you the results you need with quality ingredients, optimized supplements, and affordable prices. Be bold and strengthen your mind and body to live in your prime.
About Us

For Every Man, At Every Stage of Life

Father, husband, coach, friend, protector, leader, provider. You have the drive to stay strong in your roles; Prime Labs has the effective supplements to keep you there.


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Really works!

My husband has been taking theses for about 2 years, and wow what a difference it has made.

Best Testo Booster on the Market

I’ve been using this product for more than 2 months now and it really made the difference. Muscle mass has improved. Stamina and libido have increased as well. Thank you prime labs for this amazing product.

Good stuff

This stuff is amazing. I am almost 50 and knew my test was low. The doctors just wanted to give me synthetic but I know that is the path to ruin. In my research I found Prime Test to contain the best combination of the ingredients known to work wonders and WOW did it ever.